Greetings from ADF: International Women’s Day

At the African Disability Forum (ADF), we celebrate all the courageous women who have carved out a niche for themselves and are working hard to achieve their dreams, especially women with disabilities. We recognize the exceptional barriers working women with disabilities face and understand the additional challenges of disability discrimination in workplaces and lack of physical access.

Today, March 8, marks an important day for women around the world. Women and girls with disabilities face various forms of discrimination, in both public and private spheres, and are impacted by disasters, environmental barriers, and climate change. This International Women’s Day, we urge you to support women and girls with disabilities to ensure equal and meaningful participation in implementing and attaining adequate housing, health, education, employment, and equal participation in economic decisionmaking.

We appreciate your organisation’s work in promoting the rights and well-being of persons with disabilities in Africa, especially women and girls with disabilities, and creating a world with zero barriers through advocating for disability rights and raising awareness to have an inclusive and sustainable society.

Let’s be committed to our cause of educating the masses, raise awareness, advocate for disability rights, and work towards establishing a fully-accessible, inclusive, and sustainable world for all.

ADF Secretariat truly appreciates and acknowledges the work that your organisation is doing in your respective country, helping to reduce the barriers faced by persons with disabilities in every community.

Wishing all the women in your organization a very Happy Women’s Day!

Nothing About Us Without Us.


Shuaib Chalklen
Executive Director
African Disability Forum

Read PDF version of the statement here: Greetings from ADF – International Women’s Day!

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