Thabiso Masenyetse :- Lesotho

Thabiso Masenyetse
Year of birth: 1987 Maseru Lesotho
Nationality: Mosotho
Gender: male
Disability: visual impairment

•       I hold BA DEGREE IN the program called Public Administration and Political Science (PAPS)
from the Natioanl University of Lesotho (NUL).
•       Completed a course in Advocacy and communication skills in 2011.
•       Completed a course in Good Governence and Leadership, civic and political engagement of youth in Lesotho in 2014.

Work experience:
•       In the year 2010 I started participating in LNLVIP particularly in leadership structures where I was elected as the youth president and a
year later again nominated to represent youth with disabilities into the national youth council.  Success in this case is that I strongly participated into the strategic plan of the council.
•       2013 to date, I was elected as the secretary general of LNLVIP and also as a member into executive board of the Lesotho National Federation of Organizations of the Disable; and consequent from this I was then nominated to represent youth into the structure called Advocacy Task Team  (ATT). 
•       In December 2014 I was elected as the board member and the commissioner of Health and social development in Lesotho Council of Non governmental orgnaisations (LCN).
•       In 2014-2015 I worked as the project coordinator of the project called organizational development under LNFOD. The successful duties in this field had been good community mobilization strategy through which branches for disabled Persons Organizations were established; and people with disabilities were engaged by government as health
workers in the villages.
•       Another project I managed has been HIV/AIDS for people with disabilities: this project provided information to PWDs on HIV/AIDS as well as providing training of trainers.
•       I worked as a computer teachers at Mohloli oa Bophelo Training Centre for the blind in Lesotho. in 2014-2016
•       Worked as voter educator during 2015 NATIONAL elections.
•       Participated in the drafting of the Lesotho Disability EquityBill.