Media Release - 2 Nov. 2015 African Disability Forum (ADF) holds first General Assembly

Delegates from 30 organizations of persons with disabilities (DPOs) in Africa, members of the African Disability Forum (ADF), held their first General Assembly meeting, 31 Oct.-1 Nov. 2015 at the Desmond Tutu Conference Center in Nairobi, Kenya.  ADF is the pan-African membership organization of DPOs at continental, sub-regional and national levels, created to unify and amplify the voice of persons with disabilities in Africa and strengthen the technical capacity of their organizations. Until this meeting, Africa was the only region of the world without a democratic, representative, regional disability forum of member DPOs.

During the meeting the ADF draft Constitution and Bylaws were formally adopted, and members of the first ADF Executive Council were elected. The 9-member Executive Council includes:

  • Mr. Shuaib Chalklen (South Africa), Chairperson
  • Mr. Idriss Alzouma Maiga (Niger), Vice-Chair
  • Ms. Rachel Kachaje (Malawi), Secretary
  • Mr. Pawlos Kassu (Ethiopia), Treasurer
  • Ms. Judith Ekaete Umoh (Nigeria), Representative for women with disabilities
  • Mr. Michael Njenga (Kenya), Representative for youth with disabilities
  • Ms. Fatma Wangare (Kenya), Representative for families having a member with a disability
  • Mr. Ayassou Komivi (Togo), Representative for elderly persons with disabilities and other under-represented groups
  • Ms. Ferozia Hosaneea (Mauritius)

At the opening of the General Assembly meeting, messages of support were delivered by:

  • Ms. Judy Heumann, Special Advisor on International Disability Rights, U.S. Department of State
  • Mr. Mukhtar Alshibani, President,  Global Alliance on Accessible Technologies and Environments (GAATES) Foundation
  • Ms. Jeannette Kah Le Guil, Representative of the Consortium of African Diasporas in the United States for the Social and Economic Inclusion of People with Disabilities (CADUS)

The ADF, now formally established, will work closely with the African Union, the United Nations and its specialized organizations, key international and regional disability organizations including the International Disability Alliance (IDA), the International Disability and Development Consortium (IDDC) and the European Disability Forum (EDF), as well as with African development organizations and academic institutions. Further information about ADF is available from: