Media Release – 16 March 2016 ADF Executive Council approves 46 African DPOs for ADF Membership

The first meeting of the 9-member Executive Council of the African Disability Forum (ADF), the membership organization of Disabled Persons’ Organizations (DPOs) in Africa, took place 14-15 March 2016 in Addis Ababa. During the meeting the Council approved for ADF membership 8 Continental DPOs, 4 Sub-Regional DPO Federations and 34 National DPO Federations. (Check the full list here ...

In addition, the Council approved for ADF Associate membership:
1.    Albinism Society of South Africa
2.    Consortium of African Diasporas in the United States for the Social and Economic Inclusion of People with Disabilities (CADUS)
3.    Ethiopian National Disability Action Network (ENDAN)
4.    National Paralympics Committee of Congo Brazzaville
5.    Universal Design Africa

The ADF Executive Council Chairperson, Mr. Shuaib Chalklen, welcomed the DPOs and organizations to formal membership in ADF, and urged national DPO federations in other African countries to apply for ADF membership.  He also encouraged interested organizations sharing ADF principles and objectives to apply for ADF Associate membership. 

Executive Council members were informed that the Board of the International Disability Alliance (IDA) had granted ADF full IDA membership, and the Council approved ADF membership in IDA. The Council also approved the ADF 2016 Work Plan and Budget and thanked IDA, the UN Partnership Fund for Promoting the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UNPRPD) and Disabled Persons Organizations of Denmark (DPOD) for their continuing partnership and support.

Observing the Council meeting were 4 ADF interns presently in Addis Ababa for an orientation to ADF and to African regional institutions. They include:
Ms. Betty Najjemba, Uganda (East Africa), 27, hearing impairment
Ms. Tchotchom Virginie, Cameroun (Central Africa), 28, mobility impairment
Mr. Thabiso Maysenyetsi, Lesotho (Southern Africa), 28, visual impairment
Mr. Sissoko Mamadou, Mali (West Africa), 33, albinism

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