ADF Executive Council Members

The General Assembly elects every four years the 9 members of the ADF Executive Council.  Election of officers and members take into consideration gender, type of disability, and regional representation. The ADF Bylaws spell out in greater detail the criteria and modalities for election of Council officers and members, who must be members of and nominated by an ADF full member organization.  The ADF Chairperson chairs Executive Council meetings.  The ADF Office Director serves as an ex-officio Council member.  The following are the current officers and members of the ADF Executive Council:

Mr. Shuaib Chalklen (South Africa), Honorary Chairperson

Mr. Idriss Alzouma Maiga (Niger), Chairperson

Ms. Rachel Kachaje (Malawi), Secretary

Mr. Pawlos Kassu (Ethiopia), Treasurer

Ms. Judith Ekaete Umoh (Nigeria), Representative for women with disabilities

Mr. Michael Njenga (Kenya), Representative for youth with disabilities

Ms. Fatma Wangare (Kenya), Representative for families having a member with a disability

Mr. Ayassou Komivi (Togo), Representative for elderly persons with disabilities and other under-represented groups

Ms. Ferozia Hosaneea (Mauritius)